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Celebrate eternal love with K-OVER’s Wedding Collection, where each champagne and wine cover symbolizes an unbreakable bond forged in the finest metals. Our collection has been created to meet the most luxurious ideas for anniversary and wedding gifts.

The union between two people is one of the most memorable days in their lives, which is why the K-OVER Wedding Collection was imagined.

Every creation is artfully crafted to capture moments and emotions, serving as a timeless testament to love. Our champagne and wine covers blend perfectly with the beauty and elegance of your significant event, becoming one of the perfect high-end wedding accessories. It is designed for couples who want to seal their special day most memorably, adding a unique touch and completely personalized, as well as for loved ones who wish to present the couple with an outstanding gift. 

The value of your cover will remain in the family forever and be handed from one generation to another since they are an excellent investment in noble metals. 

Bespoke & Rental Options

Do you have a specific vision in mind? You can commission pieces, and we’ll bring your ideas to life, creating a uniquely tailored wedding gift that reflects your sentiment and attention to detail. At K-OVER, we have extensive experience working with wedding planners. Many travel the world to Italy, where charming scenographies and perfect weather make it the ideal setting to host your momentous occasion. While rental options are focused on Tuscany, worldwide shipping is also available with a previous consultation. 

Interested in discussing rental options? Contact our team. We would be delighted to guide you through the process and help you select and customize your perfect K-OVER.

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