Champagne Coupe Glass Set of 2


Glassware Champagne

Solid pure silver 995/°°

11 cm diameter

18,2 cm

172 g

2022, Italy

Our latest creation, the K-OVER champagne coupe glasses with diamond-cut silver stems, represents the perfect fusion of elegance and practicality. This exquisite set of two glasses includes two sterling silver stems and two crystal bowls that screw together effortlessly, ensuring easy maintenance.

Handcrafted in our Florence studio, every detail of these glasses is finely honed. The stems, hand-spun from 925/°° sterling silver, promise enduring quality and timeless appeal, with a distinctive diamond-cut finish at the base. The bowls, crafted from eco-friendly, lead-free crystal, reflect our commitment to sustainability in luxurious glassware.

Thanks to the screw mechanism, letter charms can be added and are interchangeable, allowing for personalization at an additional cost of 20 euros per charm.

Experience the ultimate blend of artistry and functionality with these K-OVER champagne coupe glasses. This set is the perfect high-end wedding present for couples or for making special toasts on any occasion.