Silver Wine


Wine cover

Solid pure silver 999/°°

2019, Italy

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Design your own K-OVER choose the features you like and we will do the rest.

Select the features you love among the ones below and write us your ideas. We will send you a project back and, once agreed, we will proceed with the creation of your K-OVER. The minimum time needed to produce your K-OVER is 2 weeks, but it may vary depending on the complexity of the design. During the production process, you will be continuously updated with pictures, videos and information about the work we are doing and the master silversmith that will take care of it.

If you have any other request, please write it to us and we will try to do our best to meet your expectations.

Artist information

Marco Fedi embarked on his career in the 1980s, gaining invaluable experience working at esteemed workshops in Florence. His exceptional skills were sought after by prestigious brands such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Christofle, and Cartier. Today, Marco Fedi proudly collaborates with K-OVER on transformative projects including K-OVER Memories and K-OVER Designs. Discover the remarkable artistry and visionary creations of this accomplished artisan.

Technical features

K-OVER is the new brand of P.M.P Firenze, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the silverware industry. Working in this market for such a long period, enabled us to develop a completely new product, a modern glacette. Indeed, our covers can maintain your precious bottles of wine chilled. The cover can be used as many times as you want by unscrewing the cap at its bottom, it is possible to change the bottle of wine. All covers are new and have been only exhibited in public events. Covers are suitable for European Bordolese bottles.

All our wine covers are produced in solid silver 999/°°. The usage of pure material is a novelty, as a matter of fact, silverware is usually produced in sterling silver. Our choice can be explained by three reasons. Firstly, we want to provide a high valuable product to our customers. Secondly, pure silver is hard to oxidize, so that it is easier to be cleaned. Last but not least, silver has an antibacterial property which make it safe.

Size: 9 cm diameter
Material: Silver 999/°°
Weight: 650 g
Height: 33 cm