Additional Services

Small Repairs

Keep your silver K-OVER items in pristine condition with our dedicated Small Repair Service, exclusively for silver products. Our skilled craftsmen are on hand to restore your cherished pieces, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. Simply send us photos of your item for a personalized quote, based on the unique repair needs. Trust in K-OVER’s commitment to preserving the timeless beauty of your silver accessories with exceptional care and craftsmanship.

For details and pricing, simply reach out to us!


Discover K-OVER’s Silvering Service, a comprehensive care for your champagne and wine covers and all silverware. Our specialized service not only includes resilvering and silver plating but also expert polishing and brightening, ensuring each piece regains its original brilliance. Trust in our skilled artisans to meticulously restore each piece to its original brilliance. Trust K-OVER to renew the elegance of your silver accessories with unmatched precision. 

Gold plating

Discover K-OVER’s Gold Plating Service, exclusively designed for your champagne and wine covers and silverware. Our craftsmen expertly apply a layer of gold, infusing each piece with a luxurious sheen. At K-OVER, we blend sophistication with durability, ensuring your items not only shine but last. Trust in our commitment to excellence, making your cherished accessories truly unique. Reach out to us for this specialized service. 


K-OVER now offers an Engraving Service, adding a personal touch to your champagne and wine K-OVERs. Our skilled engravers can personalize your K-OVER accessories and precious metal silverware with bespoke designs, making each piece uniquely yours. Available as part of our after-sales Customer Care, this service brings an extra layer of customization to your luxury experience. For details and pricing, simply reach out to us – we’re here to help you preserve the most precious memories and unique moments.