Silver Wine “Gold”


Wine cover

Solid pure silver 999/°°

2019, Italy

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This shining K-OVER for wine bottles is an elegant jewel to enrich your celebrations.

The K-OVER has been completely handcrafted by Marco Fedi, a Florentine master goldsmith. The production process took few weeks. This luminous K-OVER is also customizable, and it is perfect to celebrate your wedding day, and to have a memory that will last forever. The K-OVER is produced in solid silver 999/°°, and the artist worked on a single piece of metal.

Artist information

Marco Fedi embarked on his career in the 1980s, gaining invaluable experience working at esteemed workshops in Florence. His exceptional skills were sought after by prestigious brands such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Christofle, and Cartier. Today, Marco Fedi proudly collaborates with K-OVER on transformative projects including K-OVER Memories and K-OVER Designs. Discover the remarkable artistry and visionary creations of this accomplished artisan.

Technical features

K-OVER is a pioneering brand from P.M.P Firenze, a company with a rich heritage with over 40 years in the silverware industry. This extensive experience has culminated in the creation of a revolutionary wine cover. Our innovative K-OVERs are designed to keep your cherished wine bottles chilled. These covers are reusable: simply unscrew the cap at the bottom to replace the bottle. They have been showcased only at public events and are tailored specifically for European Bordelaise bottles.

Distinctively, every K-OVER wine cover is crafted from 999/°° solid silver, a departure from the conventional sterling silver used in silverware. This choice is rooted in three key considerations. Firstly, it underscores our commitment to offering products of exceptional value. Secondly, the higher purity of silver significantly reduces the likelihood of oxidation, ensuring easier maintenance. Finally, silver’s inherent antibacterial properties enhance the safety of the product.

Size: 9 cm diameter
Material: Silver 999/°°
Weight: 650 g
Height: 33 cm