Silver “White Kintsugi”


Champagne cover

Solid pure silver 999/°°

2019, Italy

This champagne K-Over belongs to our collection K-OVER design.

The artist who realized this pure silver 999/°° K-OVER took inspiration from the Kintsugi philosophy to make a completely new piece of design. According to the Japanese tradition, our past is crucial in defying who we are. That is why, we do not have to hide it.  

In the tradition, when something breaks, they repair by reattaching the broken piece with liquid gold. In this case, the more mistakes, the more broken pieces we own in our lives, the more beautiful and artistic would be the work of art.  

Technical features: 

K-OVER is the new brand of P.M.P Firenze, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the silverware industry. Working in this market for such a long period enabled us to develop a completely new product, a new glacette. Indeed, our covers can maintain your precious bottles of champagne at fresh. The cover can be used as many times as you want: by unscrewing the cap at the bottom of the cover it is possible to change the champagne. All covers are new and have only been exhibited in public events. Covers are suitable for champenoise bottles such as: Moet Et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Cristal, Pol Roger, Piper, Perrier Jouet, Taittinger, Mumm, Ferrari, Berlucchi. 

All our champagne covers are produced in solid silver 999/°°. The usage of pure material is a novelty: as a matter of fact, silverware is usually produced in sterling silver. Our choice can be explained by three reasons. Firstly, we want to provide a high valuable product to our customers. Secondly, pure silver is hard to oxidize, so that it is easier to be cleaned. Last but not least, silver has an antibacterial property which make it safe.