Stardust Pure Silver Pitcher



Silver Pitcher

Solid pure silver 999/°°

2019, Italy

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The K-OVER Pitcher has been projected to enrich our tables for special occasions as well for everyday life. This specific pitcher belongs to our Crocodile Collection. As all our products, are entirely made in pure silver 999/°°.

The pitcher has been completely handcrafted by Marco Fedi, a Florentine master goldsmith and the techniques used are spinning and chasing. The core value of the product is given by the innovative texture used to create the brighten surface.

The usage of pure material is a novelty, as a matter of fact, silverware is usually produced in sterling silver. Our choice can be explained by three reasons. Firstly, we want to provide a high valuable product to our customers. Secondly, pure silver is hard to oxidize and easier to be cleaned. Last but not least, silver has an antibacterial property which make it safe for food and beverage use.

Artist information:

Marco Fedi embarked on his career in the 1980s, gaining invaluable experience working at esteemed workshops in Florence. His exceptional skills were sought after by prestigious brands such as Tiffany, Bulgari, Christofle, and Cartier. Today, Marco Fedi proudly collaborates with K-OVER on transformative projects including K-OVER Memories and K-OVER Designs. Discover the remarkable artistry and visionary creations of this accomplished artisan.