Composition of 4 Glasses Stardust



Glassware Mixed


Sterling silver 925/°°

2019, Italy

K-OVER’s glasses and cups with diamond-cut silver stems are our latest creation, epitomizing the perfect blend of elegance and practicality. Our combinable glass set includes two sterling silver stems, two champagne flutes, and two wine glasses that screw together effortlessly, ensuring easy maintenance. Customization remains a key feature, allowing you to personalize your glasses with different finishes or stones such as ruby, quartz, amber, or diamond-cut silver.

This exquisite set is crafted in our Florence studio, with every detail meticulously considered. The stems are made of 925/°° sterling silver, ensuring lasting quality and timeless charm. The cups are produced in eco-friendly, lead-free crystal, mindful of the sustainable aspect of your luxurious glassware service.

The elegant package includes two stems and four cups, two for wine and two for champagne. Treat yourself to a set of K-OVER glasses, a fusion of artisanal mastery, versatility, and ecological awareness that redefines the art of toasting.