Gallo Nero

Price on demand 

Wine Cover

Solid pure silver 999/°°

9 cm diameter

33 cm

650 g

2023, Italy

In 2019, K-OVER was honored to receive a commission from one of Italy’s most esteemed wine organizations, the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico. This reputable Consorzio, originating from the collective efforts of 33 wine producers, was established with a mission to protect the heritage and integrity of Chianti wines, representing the interests of the region that K-OVER proudly calls home.

Originally known simply as the Consorzio, this group was formed in 1994 with the primary aim of safeguarding the wine from the Chianti area and preserving its territorial origins. It was later named the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico to clearly define the wines produced within the historical boundaries established by Cosimo III in 1716.

As the Consorzio approached its 100th anniversary, a grand celebration was planned at the distinguished Stazione Leopolda in Florence. This event brought together over 200 wine producers for a wine fair that not only celebrated the past century but also looked forward to the future of Chianti Classico. To commemorate this milestone, the Consorzio reached out to K-OVER to craft a special prize for a competition held during the event—a unique wine bottle cover.

Our task was to encapsulate the essence of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico in a single image—the Gallo Nero, or black rooster, which has been an emblem of Chianti since it first appeared in an official document in 1398. This symbol, which over the centuries has come to represent the authenticity and origin of Chianti wines, was chosen by the Consorzio as a profound token of identity.

Crafted by the skilled artisan Marco Fedi, the wine bottle cover was fashioned from 999% pure silver. The challenge lay in the intricate chiseling required to depict the small dimensions of the rooster, a task that demanded exceptional precision. The final piece was rendered with a shiny and diamond finish, reflecting the luxury and historical significance of the Gallo Nero within the broader narrative of Chianti’s rich winemaking tradition.

“Un Gallo Nero in campo viene scelto como simbolo dalla lega del Chianti”

Technical Features 

K-OVER is a brand of P.M.P Firenze, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the silverware industry. Our covers keep your treasured bottles of champagne fresh for up to 2 hours.

K-OVER is reusable, you can easily change the bottle by unscrewing the cap at the bottom. Each champagne cover is unique and has only been displayed at artistic and cultural events, or private luxury launches. K-OVERs are compatible with champagne bottles such as Moet & ChandonVeuve ClicquotLouis Roederer CristalPol RogerPiperPerrier JouetTaittingerG. H Mumm, Ferrari, and Berlucchi.

All our champagne and wine covers are crafted from solid 999/°° silver, unlike the typical use of sterling silver in silverware. This unique choice is driven by three compelling reasons, we aim to provide our customers with a high-value and unique product. Pure silver’s resistance to oxidation makes it easier to clean and polish. Finally, the antibacterial properties of silver ensure it’s safe for use with food and beverages.