YouNique Event in Lugano, Switzerland 2023

YouNique Event in Lugano, Switzerland 2023

K-OVER at YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design Event in Lugano 

March 2023

Lugano, the picturesque city nestled in the heart of Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region, boasts a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. Renowned for its charming lakeside setting and a harmonious blend of Swiss efficiency and Italian flair, Lugano is a city that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. The city, which rests on the shores of the glistening Lake Lugano and is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps, has become a hub for art, culture, and design.

At the heart of Lugano’s cultural scene lies the elegant Villa Ciani, a true gem of the city’s historical and architectural heritage. Villa Ciani, dating back to the 16th century, stands as a testament to the grandeur of bygone eras. Its neoclassical façade, manicured gardens, and breathtaking views of Lake Ceresio make it a prized jewel of the city. Over the centuries, this splendid edifice has hosted a myriad of events, from grand galas to intimate gatherings, and has continued to draw admirers from all corners of the world.

K-OVER Experience at YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design Event


For K-OVER, participating in the YouNique – Fine Craft Art & Design event at Villa Ciani was not just an honor, but a testament to their dedication to preserving artisan traditions. Villa Ciani provided a timeless backdrop that perfectly complemented the craftsmanship and fine artistry of K-OVER’s champagne covers.

The event at Villa Ciani served as a tribute to the mastery of fine artisans, including silversmith master Lorenzo Foglia, whose exceptional craftsmanship was at the forefront of this remarkable gathering. These artisans, each possessing a unique set of skills and an unwavering commitment to tradition, brought their creations to life with a profound dedication to quality, authenticity, and the time-honored techniques that have been passed down through generations. Lorenzo Foglia, among the many talents, stood as the heart and soul of the event, captivating visitors with his unmistakable passion, meticulous attention to detail, and an unswerving dedication to his craft. His presence, along with the other gifted artisans, illuminated the event and showcased the extraordinary artistry that thrives in the world of fine craft and design.

K-OVER felt immensely privileged to be a part of this event, where like-minded artisans and craftsmen came together to celebrate the art of fine craft, design, and the preservation of traditions. It was an opportunity for K-OVER to not only showcase their own champagne covers but also to connect with a community of individuals who share a deep appreciation for the value of artisanal craftsmanship.

“The 2023 edition of YouNique Fine Craft Art & Design was a real success with the public and the satisfaction of the exhibitors present. This feedback has once again demonstrated how keenly our visitors’ desire is to surround themselves with unique and unrepeatable artefacts and contemporary works of art, not purchased through e-commerce but directly from the hands of those who created them.”