K-OVER at the National Automobile Museum of Turin, Italy

K-OVER at the National Automobile Museum of Turin, Italy

Caty Torta A Real Free Artist

From June 10th – to November 7th 2021

A hundred and one years after its inception, the Automobile Museum of Turin hosted in 2021 a monographic exhibition dedicated to Caty Torta, the artist, the woman, who was capable of interpreting ‘ordinary’ roles with a free and innovative spirit for her time. K-OVER participated in this exhibition at the museum by showcasing ‘Bolide’, a unique creation by renowned artist Lorenzo Foglia.

To celebrate the Artist, we gifted one of Marco Fedi’s best piece to the National Museum of Automobile in Turin: “La Macchina Nera – The Black Car”. This Work of Art is inspired by one of Caty Torta’s Xilography.











We also exposed our piece “Bolide 01”, in the room next to vintage Cars and Bikes. This K-OVER has been realized by Lorenzo Foglia, and is a tribute to high speed and the courage of race drivers. “Bolide 01” K-OVER is created to hold Jeraboam bottles and to be used in Gran Prix prize-giving in Formula 1 races.